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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 4) 2015/16

Wendy Buiting, Volda University College, Norway, Mobility for Study, KPZ


Volda university college
Joplassvegen 11
Berte Kanutte building

For contact:

Phone: + 47 70 07 50 00                                                                                                          
Fax: + 47 70 07 50 51                                                                                                                 
Website: www.hivolda.no

International office:

Head of the international office
Arne Humberset

Mobility coördinator
Iulia Beteula

About the University:

Volda university college is from origin a teacher training college and was founded 150 years ago. Nowadays the University has a lot more to offer. From Media and communication, till child care, history or for example social sciences. If you want to now more about all their programs and courses in English, you can check out the next page: http://www.hivolda.no/vuc/academics/courses-in-english If you want to study journalism, Volda University is a really good opportunity to go because their journalism program is the best known journalism program in Norway. But also if you want to study something else, Volda University College is the place to be. The university has a lot of experience with exchange students and every year they make more than a hundred international students feel at home. You will get a place to stay in one of the student accommodations close to the university. The university is not that big but it offers everything you need, places to study, a library, modern facilities as computers and camera’s and sport facilities like a swimming pool, a sports hall and a fitness and bodybuilding studio.

Courses I took in the Spring Semester of 2016:

The head of the International Office of Volda University College new that we are doing the teacher training at our home university. For this reason he advised us to take the next two courses.

ERASPORT  15ECTS (sport course for Erasmus students): physical activity and outdoor life in Norway. We learned about outdoor education in Norway and also about Norwegian outdoor life. There is a theoretical and a practical part. We learned for example how to ski, traditional games and ballgames of Norway, we learned how to swim with the emphasis on life saving and so on. It is learning but also enjoying being outdoors and having fun with your classmates. During the course we had to write several small essays and we had one final exam which was bigger. The grading scale is pass or fail.

REL140 15ECTS (Religion and Culture in Norway – from Homogeneity to Multiculturalism).  If you want to learn more about Norway and it’s history in Religion and Culture this is a good course to take. It gives you a bigger understanding of the Norwegian society of today. For this course I had to write two essays and I had a oral exam. For this course you get a grade from A till F.

Besides these two courses I took an other small course:

NOIN101  5 ECTS (Norwegian Language, Civilization and Academic Life – an Introduction). I took this course because I thought it was nice to learn a little bit more about the language and to learn the basic things about Norway. During the course we had to write one essay.  The grading scale is pass or fail. 

Registration process
There were several documents we had to send to the university. We had to apply before the 10th of November 2015 for the Spring Semester of 2016.

A complete application contains:

  • Application Form (you can find this document at their website).
  • Learning Agreement - completed and duly signed/stamped (you can find this agreement at their website)
  • Transcript of records (in English) from university
  • Copy of passport (the page containing your name, picture and personal data)
  • Copy of European Health Insurance Card (or equivalent)
  • Motivation letter (if stated in the course description)
  • Portfolio (if stated in the course description)

In the mean time you can apply for a house. All the Erasmus students get a place in one of their student residences. Volda has a special Student Welfare Organization you can contact. You get your own bedroom and you have your own bathroom or you will share your bathroom with one other person. You will share the kitchen with 6 other people who live at your floor as well. The student houses have what you need and it is a good place to stay for a semester. You will get some kitchen stuff and bed sheets from Pangaia, the student organization who takes care of the international students. Everything is well organized and if there is something wrong with your room the Student Welfare Organization is there for you. You can apply for a room at their website: http://www.studentsamskipnaden.no/default.asp?page=142
What is worth mentioning is that the university has made a document in which you can find the information you need before you arrive. It’s a guide about accommodation, Visas, transportation, weather, financing, insurance and so on. http://www.hivolda.no/neted/services/file/?hash=6fb53023ea339f1ff6bc3eec5a39dc64

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