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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 4) 2015/16

Gernot Mausser, UiT Tromsø, Norway, Mobility for Study, PHST

Organisation and application 

One of the first contacts I had was Magdalena Budinova. Later on I talked with Simonsen-Sagerup Morten and the Erasmus Institutional Coordinator Reidun Sundstrøm.
The Arctic University is the most northern University in the World. 12000 students and 2700 staff study and work at the University of Tromsø. More than 20 English taught master's dregee courses and other English progammes at every faculty are available. About 10% of the students are from abroad. The PHST is just one of 200 partner universities. 

Two of the courses I have chosen aim to improve my English skills. I hope I can gain some more understanding of cognitive processes during the third course to improve my overall teaching performance. Here is a short description of the courses:

  1. English in Use 
    The course focuses on common mistakes and difficulties which learners of English have to face frequently. All the coursework is in English, but the language gets compared to Norwegian pretty often. Due to that, the course is especially useful for everybody who wants to learn a little bit Norwegian. For students of English, the coursework requirements are rather easy. Nevertheless, the adressed issues are interesting for advanched learners as well.
  2. Cognitive Psychology

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