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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 4) 2015/16

Marie-Claire Katzensteiner, University of Barcelona, Spain, Mobility for Study, PHST

Contact of the University:

University of Barcelona
Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, 585
08007 Barcelona - Spain
Tel.: (+34) 934 021 100


Erasmus-Office + coordinator:

Prof. Martina Kieling S. B. Rolim

Oficina de Relacions Internacionals / International Relations Office                              

Oficina / Office 3317 (Edifici de Migdia)

Universitat de Barcelona / University of Barcelona

Facultat d’Educació / Faculty of Education

Passeig de la Vall d'Hebron, 171 - Office 3317
08035 Barcelona
Tel: +34 934 035 126
Fax +34 934 035 121

University - Campus Mundet

The Faculty of Teacher Education is located in the northern part of Barcelona, at the foothills of a mountain range called Collserola. During the Spanish Civil War the Campus was a prison, later it was transformed into a orphanage, until a couple of 2 previous orphans decided to build a school there. Campus Mundet is named after them.

It takes you 9 metro stop with the green line (direction: Trinitat Nova) to get from the city center of Barcelona to Campus Mundet, so you see it is pretty far outside of the city. But the Campus is the most beautiful Campus I´ve ever seen. It´s pure nature. There are lots of palm trees with chirping parrots in it, the air is fresh and many cats are running (or better laying) around. Sometimes you can also see mini pigs on the campus. There are a lot of stairs, but if you are really lazy you don´t have to worry because the Campus has it´s own (free) bus.

My courses

Catalunya - History, Language and Culture - 2 ECTS

This course just durated 1 week and was held at the beginning of the semester. The aim of this course was to give us a short overview of important aspects of the Catalan culture. For example there were courses about sports, music, dance, food, history and language. I think this welcoming week was really interesting, I was able to learn some facts about my new hometown and I also got to know the other International students.

Spanish for beginners (A1-A2 level) - 4 ECTS

Llengua Angelsa per l´ensenyament - 6 ECTS

Aspectes culturals dels paisos de parla Anglesa - 3 ECTS

Politiques socials internacionals i treball social - 6 ECTS

Practiques 3 - 9 ECTS

Application process

It was quite easy to manage the application process. You just have to do an online application from with your data and your desired courses. The easiest way to find the right courses is to write the coordinator of the Erasmus office. She sent me a list with the available courses from which I choose mine. Then you have to fill out your learning agreement, print it, sign it and give it to your home university to sign it and send it to the University of Barcelona. Of course it is exhausting getting all the signs and so on, but all in all, the application process was quite ok.

Just keep in mind: It might take weeks for the UB to answer your emails!


Roughly speaking the life in Barcelona is as expensive as the life in Austria.

Useful Tips:
Housing (spotahome, housinganywhere, Facebook Aliquer de habitaciones / Rooms for rent BARCELONA, loquo, idealista)

Erasmus Meeting - Shaz list, Bakus list, Welov

Thefts (mobile phone)

Restaurants: 100Montaditos

Free Walkingtour

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