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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 4) 2015/16

Erasmus Incomings at the University College of Teacher Education Styria Spring Term 2016

During the spring term 2016 eleven Erasmus Incoming students from five different countries spent their semester abroad at the University College of Teacher Education Styria. All of them attended the Erasmus+ course “International Teacher Competences” that UCTE Styria has launched in October 2015 and that is especially designed for international students. The course lasts one semester, includes a total of 30 ECTS –credits and combines lectures, seminars, workshops, school placements, and excursions. There is a selection module of 8 ECTS –credits that gives international students the opportunity to specialize in a certain area and, above all, to attend regular classes together with Austrian students. The course aims at improving international teacher competences, working and studying in an international context and intercultural exchange. All classes are held in English which makes the course accessible for students with no previous knowledge of the German language. Within the course a German language course is obligatory and within the selection module students can also set their focus on German language classes.
The UCTE Styria offers a so-called “Buddy System”. Buddies are Austrian students that have already spent a semester abroad and that want to help and assist the Erasmus students at the UCTE Styria. Starting from picking the international students up from the airport or train station, buddies also help with paper work at the beginning of the stay and organize trips and excursion with the students.

Katharina Kamitz, Graz 2016

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