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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 4) 2015/16

Tim Missethan, University of Barcelona, Spain,Mobility for Study, PHST

Contact of the University:

University of Barcelona
Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, 585
08007 Barcelona - Spain
Tel.: (+34) 934 021 100


Erasmus-Office + coordinator:

Prof. Martina Kieling S. B. Rolim

Oficina de Relacions Internacionals / International Relations Office                              

Oficina / Office 3317 (Edifici de Migdia)

Universitat de Barcelona / University of Barcelona

Facultat d’Educació / Faculty of Education

Passeig de la Vall d'Hebron, 171 - Office 3317
08035 Barcelona
Tel: +34 934 035 126
Fax +34 934 035 121

International week

I arrived in Barcelona on the 28th of January and the University started with an international week on the 1st of February. My first impressions of the city and the campus were amazing and I fell in love with the city very quick.

At the international week we got to know something about the campus, surroundings and the catalan culture.

We had different classes about:

  • Differences between a traveler and a tourist
  • Catalan dances, music and tradition (festivals)
  • Sport in Catalunya
  • International heroes in children's literature 
  • Surviving Spanish
  • Surviving Catalan

It was a warm hearted welcome for the international students and they really tried to help us to get along at the first days. We also got a "buddy" - a student who helps you if you have any difficulties.


My classes at the UB are:

  • Cultural Aspects of English-Speaking Countries 
  • The English Language in an Educational Content
  • Physical Education
  • School Practices 
  • Spanish Course

My classes are all in English, except the Spanish course which is in Spanish and the P.E which is in Catalan.

Application process

You have to do an online application from with your data and your courses. You can write the coordinator of the Erasmus office for a list of the courses or you search for them online. In the end you have to fill out your learning agreement, print it, sign it and give it to your home university to sign it and send it to the University of Barcelona.


The life in Barcelona is almost same expensive as in Austria. It always depends on the person and how you deal with money, but for me it was easy to have an overview about my finances and I never run out of my budget.

Review in academic terms

I arrived about a week before the university starts. At the beginning we had an International week which was helpful to get to know an overview about the city, culture and the university. Also you met the other international students on the campus. The staff of the international office was very nice and to get along at the campus was really easy. I changed one of my courses because I realized that it was really boring, and didn't benefit any of my goals I want to reach in life, so that's a good point on studying abroad, you can choose your courses and change them if you realize that they are not very helpful or overlap with other courses.

My life in Barcelona

Barcelona is a wonderful city, it has kind of a magical flair and I fell in love with the city straight away. It's multicultural, open-minded and offers places and people for every type of human. As I was bored of my life in Austria, I did the best decision of my life and came to study here. It opened my horizon in the way I hoped to and I met so many people who made me grow in mind and spirit, and I'm grateful of that. I got to know people from almost all over the world, and I got to know how those people live life in their countries, and it made me rethink life, so I see the world now with other eyes than before.

To sum up, I think doing an Erasmus exchange is an unique experience for everyone, and everyone experiences his/her own "magical" semester abroad, with all the things the mind allows you to learn and grow, and so I did too. 

Review of school practice

The school practice was amazing, I connected from the very beginning with the children and the school, so it was the best practicum I ever had so far in my studies. Compared to Austria it's a really big difference! I appreciated the time I was able to spend with all those people in the school, they made me feel welcome and respected me as who I am. Moreover, the atmosphere was more like a big family, which I really miss in Austrian's school system, so I enjoyed every day I spent in the school.

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