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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 4) 2015/16

Susi Lutz, PH Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany, Mobility for Study, Incoming, PHST


Great                     Residential home                      Austrian                Zest of life         

In January 2015 Änni and I had an idea to do an abroadsemester in Graz. We thought about "why not Graz. It is in Austria in the Steiermark?!" :)

It was the best decision, because Graz is such a beautiful old city with many Univerties and Colleges. There are many young people and all the time is something going on. The PH Steiermark ist also a nice college. The informations of the PH and all the learning progress are important for our education to become teachers. Also the work with international students is an new unique experience. And i think all the friendships will be forever. :-)

Every sozial student should do it!!

This is an impression of GRAZ: "Der Schlossberg"

                                                              CC by Susi Lutz

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