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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 4) 2015/16

Carlijn de Boer, Petrus Dondersschool, Suriname, Mobility for Internship, KPZ

Hello everyone,

We have went to in Suriname for 3 months, doing internship at a primary school in Paramaribo. I lived in a house with 3 other students, so we are with 4 students in one house. My internship was at Petrus Dondersschool. We are loved it, but sometimes it’s a bit hard. The children do not listen that well as children from Holland, usually you want them to do things but they don’t listen. After the 2 months we saw a lot of improvement and now the children are behaving better and they learned our rules, so they listen better but it is a work still in progress.

After we took a suitcase with a lot of school materials our lessons improved. It is required for the children to bring their own school material but some of the parents doesn’t have enough money to afford it, so some children doesn’t have everything they need. That is why our suitcase with the material improved so much the classes.

Due to the very good weather we do a lot of nice things. We swom in our own swimming pool in our garden and this is the best thing to cool down after a day of internship. Besides the swimming pool we have been to a nice trip to Bigi Pan. It’s a nice place in the woods and you can only go there by boat, there has a diverse wild life, flamingo’s and other beautiful birds. Some other places that we like to visit are river beaches around town and we can swim there.

I'm is loving to follow Salsa classes, in Suriname it is a very typical dance style. There are a lot of places that you can enjoy this type of music and dance. That is not the only kind of music that we listen in the clubs here, they play all kind of music in the clubs and the best ones are Havana Lounge and Danceclub Tequila.

The food around here is very nice and not so expensive. The places that we go often to eat are: Zus en zo, ‘t Vat, Blauwgrond, Jiji’s and de Waag. At this places you can find food from Europe or Suriname. A place that is very good to eat only Surinames food is at Blauwgrond .

I also went to Peperpots for the nature and animals, to Braamspunt for turtoise and to Apiapaati for a few days in the jungle. These things were very nice. I love the nature in Suriname. I've also done the quadtour. This was also very nice.

It was a nice Internship. They were really nice to me and they had a lot of trust in us. We could practice everything and they loved our hard work.

When you want to do the same internship, you have to come with a lot of ideas. The school loves this, is brought school materials from Holland. I introduces new rules en ideas. They want to get a better school and they like you to help them. When you are an exciting students they really love to have you there.

My costs:
Airline ticket €940,-(with extra suitcase)
Hous, one room €255,- (per month)
Bicycle €60,- (for 3 months)

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