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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 3) 2014/15

Maartje Bus, Volda University College, Norway, Mobility for study, PABO

Information about the school

Volda university college
Joplassvegen 11
Berte Kanutte building

Phone: + 47 70 07 50 00                                                                                                          
Fax: + 47 70 07 50 51                                                                                                                 

International office:

Head of the international office
Arne Humberset

Mobility coördinator
Iulia Beteula

The University
Volda University College (VUC) is was originally founded 150 years ago, as the first teacher training college in rural Norway. Nowadays the schools offers a lot more studies: media and communication, general and pre-school teacher training education, social sciences, child care, social planning and governance, linguistics, math and science, history, arts and crafts, outdoor life and physical education, music and drama. VUC is perhaps best known for its journalism school, having educated many of the most important and influential journalists in Norway over the last thirty years.
         More than hundred international students are enrolled at Volda University College during any given academic year and their number is growing. The university college is among the foremost in internationalisation in Norway. This semester (spring 2016) there were more than 120 international students.
         The university campus is compact, just like volda is compact. The buildings are all within five minutes walking distance from each other, and very close to the student accommodation. The sports hall is across the street from the university college buildings and gives students the opportunity to use the sports facilities.
         The school is always open. Every students has his own studentcard. This studentcard gives you access to every school building, the card is even working in the nights and weekends. So if you want to work at school, that’s always possible.

The courses
The credit system at Volda University College is really different from what I’m used to. For one semester you need 30 credits, so far that’s normal. But the most courses VUC offers are of 15 ECTS credit value. This means you only need to take two courses for one semester.

The courses I chose are ERASPORT (15 ECTS), Religion and Culture (15 ECTS) and Norwegian language and academic life (5 ECTS).

This course is only for international students. The course will give you an introduction to Norwegian physical education, sport traditions and outdoor life (friluftsliv). The course is organized into both practical and theoretical subjects.

Learning goals:

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