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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 3) 2014/15

Mairehau Primary School, New-Zealand, mobility for internship, KPZ

The School

The Mairehau Primary School is located in Mairehau (A suburb of Christchurch). Around 500 children. Staff is very friendly and helpful. There are around 30 children in each classroom.

It’s not very hard to teach in New-Zealand. As long as your English is fine, you are fine. Most of the kids are very neat and they want to help you with everything. So don’t worry about the kids, they’re awesome!

As I was saying, the staff is very friendly. My mentor helped me with all my questions. She didn’t mind that I wanted to teach as well. 


I was very lucky with the people I stayed with. The principle (John Bangma) arranged my living. I lived in Rangiora (about 25k from Christchurch) with one of his staff members. Going to school and home was very easy, because we could drive together.

Most of the time they cooked and we could eat together. Sometimes when I had a day off: I cooked. Sometimes I did their cleaning. They really appreciated that so I would definitely recommend that. I had to pay like 120 dollars a week. That’s quite cheap to live in NZ because the prices for groceries are pretty high.

Doing my laundry and stuff was not a problem. I washed my own clothes and towels. Sometimes their stuff as well. The last thing I could do to thank them.

The Country

NZ is a beautiful country and I certainly would go out and see something. Renting a car is pretty cheap: about 35 dollars a day (and then you’ve got a nice car). Apex car rental: very good.

They drive at the left side of the road, once you’ve done that for 10 minutes you’re used to it. It’s not that hard as it looks.

If you want to see al the highlight from NZ, here they are:

Auckland – Rotorua, Waitomo caves, Napier, Tongariro crossing – Wellington – Abel Tasman National Park – Westcoast – Kaikoura – Akaroa – Queenstown – Milford Sound.

Tip: use tripadvisor for everything. We used that website a lot and it was very useful. We used the lonely planet as wel: great book, you have to buy that.

Bookme.co.nz has got very nice specials for great activities: use it. 

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