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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 3) 2014/15

Melissa Worst, Fatima College, Aruba, Mobility for internship, KPZ


Contact Fatima College:

Patiastraat 21



Phone number: +297  5822037

Email: fatima45dakota@hotmail.com


About the school
Fatima College is a Roman Catholic primary school. The school is located in an area with a low socioeconomic status. It is a small and cosy school, with six classes. Every class has one teacher and on average there are 20 till 25 pupils in each group. The principal of the school is Franklin Richardson, he is a very open en friendly man.

When you go to Aruba for an internship you don't need to apply for a visa, only when you stay longer than 90 days you need a visa. Before we went to Aruba we had a preparation day in Utrecht with other students from other schools. During this day we got very useful information about housing, renting a car and some practical inside tips. After this day we booked already our apartment online. We lived during our stay on Aruba in Blue Village.

Review of my stay on Aruba
Aruba is one happy island. The people are really friendly and helpful. I would recommend Aruba to other students because I felt very safe on the island. Our apartment was only a twenty minute drive away from the school. I was placed in the sixth grade (12-13 years) in the class were 20 pupils. Because it was a small class it was easy for me to connect with the children. The corporation with my mentor was very good. She really enjoyed my new ideas. There was also sufficient time for me to give lessons. For some subjects there were specialized teachers. These teachers gave English, Spanish, music and physical education. There are many differences between schools in the Netherlands and on Aruba. On Aruba the school system is in comparison to the Netherlands a little old fashioned. For example the teachers on Aruba are very strict and direct to the pupils. The school has also less materials than schools in the Netherlands. For example schools on Aruba do not have a digital school board or computers in the classroom. For mathematics and Dutch the school used very new methods, the same as in the Netherlands.

- Rent a car by Speed, Jay's car rental or Mipos. Do not rent a car by Dushi car rental.
- Get an Aruban phone number (we got Digicel), you can recharge each month.
- Take a credit card with you.

Retour plane ticker: €750,-
Residence/ Stay: €385,- (I shared an apartment with a friend we each paid this amount every month.)
Car rental: €245,- (I shared the car with a friend and we each paid this amount every month.)
Grocery: €100,- (Every week.)



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