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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 3) 2014/15

Femke Scholten, Petrusdonderschool, Suriname, Mobility For Internship, KPZ




Hofstede Crull’laan 25

Paramaribo, Suriname


In the second year of my education we had to make a choose if we wanted to go abroad. I choose Suriname. This was a dream for me. With four other people from my school, we went to Utrecht in the Netherlands in. At the Marnix we got our information about the internship. There we meet some other people who also go on internship in Suriname. Our teacher from the Katholieke Pabo sent us the names of the school where we get or internship. The first time I had contact with the Petrusdonderschool in January, tis was by phone. We talked about the school, about me and when my internship will start. The Petrusdonderschool houses in Paramaribo, the capitol of Suriname. The school is a primary school with children in the age of 4-12 years. The main language is Dutch. Each day of the week the school schedules are from 08:00 – 13:00. 

After a year I graped my stuff together and fly the 28th of February and be staying till 28th of May.

A month ago I came back from Suriname an I can tell something about my internship end my experiences in this beautiful country.

Intership at the Petrus Dondersschool

The Petrus Donderschool is a school with good attention to children. The headteacher is a nice woman who lifes for the school. She has some big dreams, like building a new school by renovating the old school and bring everything to a new level. This dreams has already started. changes are enormous and beautiful. The changes are enormous and beautiful. For example there are a lot of new furniture for the children. At the school there a ten classes with children in the age of 6 to 14.
The different between the Dutch teachers and the Surinam teachers are huge. As Dutch teacher I know more about teaching and at pedagogical area are we farther. During my internship I gave lessons in the first class. In the Netherlands we say it’s group three. During my lessons the teacher wasn’t always there so she hasn’t seen a lot of lessons given by me. The children have lot of respect for there Surinam teacher. They listen to her but she is hard to them. I wasn’t so hard to the children so they listen not always good. I must be very strict and then they listen to me. Some days the Surinam teacher don’t show up. So I take the lesson from her and a teach all day long alone. At my last day at school the children were crying because I was leaving them and they gave me a lot of hugs. My time at school was sometimes difficult but I enjoyed the experience.


The apartment

The place where I stayed in Surinam was a big house where I lifed with 17 other students for three months. The house address is the Koenawaristraat 32. There were sixteen rooms and two kitchens. It was a good house but the house owner wasn’t delivering proper work every time. I paid €300 euros for a month but I think it’s too much for the things we got. The kitchens were not clean and we had cold water. I had my own room with hot water and a toilet. For dinner we cooked together and we bought are food in the Tulip a supermarket and other Chinees supermarkts. The Tulip is a Dutch supermarket. We found are house on the internet, www.stagewonen.nl. At first we saw another house but that was occupied already. After some emails with the owner of the houses we could stay in his house.


When we left the Netherlands it was freezing so it was a big change to come in 30 degrees. Every day the temperature was zo high. It’s a tropical climate so moist. In Suriname are rain seasons and dry seasons. In March and April we had a dry season and a lot of sun. In may the rain seasons was started and we got a lot of rain. Almost every day it was raining and we only had a few dry days. In the Netherlands the rain is cold but in Suriname the rain is warm, which is very nice but also strange.

Cultural Awareness

In Suriname are a lot of cultures. We have seen a lot of them. There are Marrons, Hindoestanen, Javanen, Creolen, Moslims etc. These are living next to cultures lives next to each other. So they have a lot of respect to each other. It was nice to see that we as trainees also get some respect.

The trips

Duriny my time in Suriname I’ve made the most wonderful trips I ever had. Brownsberg, Stone Island, Galibi, Voltzberg, Raleighvallen, Frans Guyana, White beach, Overbridge, Isadou, Jawjaw, Gunsi. At some trips I slept in a hammock and sometimes in a bed. Sleeping in a hammock were very nice. I find a hammock much relaxter than a bed. With some guides we Got to the jungle and saw some beautiful places. The trips weren’t  Cheap but I have seen a lot of Suriname. I liked it a lot! For four days with food, travel and guides it cost 200 euros. I had the money so why not!? Just do it! It was amazing to saw the cultures and the landscape.

The finances

Plain: 800 euros (retour)

Appartment: 300 euros for 1 month

Household: 300 euro in a month

Trips: 800 euros for 3 months.

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