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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 3) 2014/15

Laudy den Hollander, Ascham School, Australia, Mobility for internship, KPZ.

Contact Ascham school.

188 New South Head Rd,
Edgecliff NSW 2027,
Phonenumber: +61 2 8356 7000


We have made contact with the Ascham school by E-mail. (Judith Butcher [jbutcher@ascham.nsw.edu.au]) 


We contacted with the school by sending them an E-mail. The Ascham school is looking forward seeing us. 

Discription of the school

The Ascham school has DALTON education and is only for girls. We will do research about the differences between the education in the Netherlands and Australia. 


We filled in a document for the visa (http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/417.aspx). This visa costs 400 dollars.
A travel agency has arranged our first week in Australia. While we are there, we will arrange a place to sleep. At school we attended a few classes to brush up our English. (Katholieke PABO Zwolle). 

The internship

The Ascham school is a private school and all the children have rich parents. The school has its own tennis court, swimming pool, private music lessons and there are many expert teachers in the school. There are many differences between the education in the Netherlands and Australia. In Australia they work with laptops in the lessons and they work in groups. The children have discipline to work hard for school and they have many homework. These differences help you develop your own teaching style. 

You get possibilities to teach but there are high expectations. The language is a small issue. In the beginning it is hard to say everything correctly in English but you learn it during the internship. 

Living in Sydney

Sydney is a vast city compared to any other city in the Netherlands. To my surprise, the people that live in Sydney are very kind en helpful. Usually in large cities people are very individual minded and not really bothered by their surroundings. In several occasions i got help before I even asked for it! Public transportation is very well organised and in terms of costs it's comparable with the Netherlands. It's rather hard to find suitable and affordable accomodation though.


accomodation: Normally they ask €170 per week. But there are posibilities to get a cheaper accomodation. 

groceries: €50 weekly. Doing groceries at Aldi is recommended in terms of price/quality ratio.

flights: €1200 retour from Amsterdam to Sydney via Dubai with Emirates/Qantas. Flying with these airlines was pleasant and comfortable, which come in quite handy during a 25-hour trip!

Visa: depends on your own plan but if you go for maximum of 3 months it is free, but if you want to stay any longer it will be €300. If you do so, you can stay for a year.

It is a expensive city to stay. If you want to travel (I've travelled for about 6 weeks in total), you need around €5000 at least.




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