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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 3) 2014/15

Geanne van de Belt, Kathedrale Koorschool Suriname, Mobility for Internship, KPZ


In my second year of study, we have to think about the next thing: would i take a trip to the outcast, or will i stay in Holland, so i can do my internship in Holland. I chose to make a trip to Surinam, accompanied by 4 other students. With this little group of students, we went to Utrecht. In Utrecht is the Marnix academy, a school with the same study. At the Marnix academy, we got some more information about the internship in Suriname and we’ve got to meet other people that planned to go to Suriname. A teacher from our own school sent us a list of schools. We had to call our own school in Suriname. The first time that we were in contact was in January, a month before we left to Suriname. This was by phone. We talked about the school, about me, and when i was going to start my internship. The Kathedrale Koorschool is in Paramaribo, de capital of Suriname.

After a year of preparing i got my stuff together and early in the morning, we went to Schiphol. 28 february till 2 june i was in Suriname. It is a beautiful country with beautiful people.

My internship at the Kathedrale Koorschool Suriname

The Kathedrale Koorschool Suriname is a school with a open and friendly atmosphere. There are 8 teachers, one of them is the headteacher. She is very openminded en full of dreams. There is also a music teacher, he teaches the childeren some skills that they need when they’re singing. The childeren perform alot in the church that’s next to the school. Not every kid can go to the Kathedrale Koorschool. They have to do an audition. The headteacher and the music teacher decide whether te kid will be accepted, or will be denied.

My appartment

During my time in Surinam I stayed in a house with other students. With seventeen other students have we been staying on Koenawaristraat 32. It was a house with 17 rooms en 2 kitchens. It was a good house but the houseowner weren't delivering proper work every time. Sometimes he said: 'I'll do that but after two weeks it wasn't done yet. I paid 300 euros for a month but it was too much for this house. The owner was friendly, but you can’t trust him. With 17 other students it was very noisy, but also good. When you’re sad or there is something you would like to talk about, there is always a person who wants to listen to you.

We found the house on the internet, at www.stagewonen.nl.

The culture of Suriname

In Suriname there are a lot of cultures. You can find Marrons, hindoestanen, javanen, jewish people etc. All these cultures live next to eachother, something that Holland can learn from Suriname. It is a wonderful experience to meet different people from different cultures. You can learn so much from these people.


I have made a lot of trips. It’s a wonderful way to get to know Suriname. The nature is so wonderful, a trip trough the jungle is amazing. There is a zipline above the Suriname-river, a great experience. I spent a lot of money to take all these trips, but it was worth it!


Flight: 800 euro
Appartment: 900 euro for three months
Living: 300 euro for a month
Trips: 1000 euro (?) for three months.


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