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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 3) 2014/15

Alba Serra Ginestà, University of Barcelona, Spain, Mobility for Study, PHST - Incoming

Contact of the university

Pädagogische Hochschule Steiermark

Hasnerplatz 12

8010 Graz  


Tel.: +43 316 8067 0


Contact the Erasmus office

Marlene Grabner

Tutor of Internation Students

International Office A0110 (Old bulding) 


Description of the university

Pädagogische Hochschule Steiermark is a small university together with one school practice. There are two different buildings, one is new and the other one is the old building. Both are really good, modern and they have a lot of resources and materials. There are different places for the students: dining room, restaurant, computers room, etc. Also, the education is more personalized because, normally, there are 15 - 25 students in the lessons. In Austria, Primary Education lasts 3 years but now it's changing to 4 years. Moreover, all the courses have 1 or 2 ECTS, so you can try and see more different things. 

Description of chosen courses

I attended 19 courses (29 credits)

1. Englisch - 2,00 ECTS 

2. Grundlagen der Bewegungshand lungen - 1,50 ECTS (Sports)

3. Sigen und Musizieren - 1,00 ECTS

4. Arbeiten im farbigen Bereich - 1,50 ECTS 

5. Grammar 1 - 1,00 ECTS 

6. Päd. Soziologie: Spezielle Aspekte - 1,50 ECTS

7. Tutorium: Päd. Soziologie: Spezielle Aspekte - 0,50 ECTS  

8. Grammar 2 - 2,00 ECTS 

9. Die europäische Dimension in Kultur, Gesellschaft und Bildung - 1,50 ECTS 

10. Methoden der Interaktion - 1,50 ECTS 

12. Unterrichtsmodelle im europäischen Vergleich  1,50 ECTS 

12. Unterrichtsbesuche - 1,00 ECTS (Practices)

13. Unterrichtsanalyse  - 3,00 ECTS (Practices)

14. Deutsch Sprachkurs 1 (A1, A2) für Erasmus incomings - 2,00 ECTS 

15. Englisch Sprachkurs für Erasmus incomings - 2,00 ECTS 

16. Rhythmik - 1,00 ECTS 

17. Englisch (2) - 1,00 ECTS 

18. Digitale Communication - 1,50 ECTS 

19. Radio als Lernform - 2,00 ECTS 

Detailed description of the registration process at the host organisation 

First of all, I filled my application form to give some information about me. After this, I had to prepare the Learning Agreement, it was difficult for me to find the courses online but Catherina helped me a lot. When I arrived in Austria, I couldn't take these courses. But, Marlene, my tutor, helped me to find new courses and I had to change my first Learning Agreement stamped it in Graz and sent it to Barcelona. Moreover, the international office showed us the moodle where we could see our timetable and the courses, etc.  

Review of your stay abroad in academic terms 

I have learned a new pedagogic knowledge and a different educational system.  Also, the Erasmus has been a new source of experience which it has brought me new points of view in education. I have improved my English a lot and also I have learned a bit German. Moreover, I have done some courses that they were something new for me like rhythmic, radio course, practices... These courses have given me a lot of new ideas. 

Therefore, this experience has enriched me as a person, a future teacher, to open my mind... It was a challenge for me!   

Review of the stay abroad in cultural terms 

In general, the culture is similar because it is an European culture. In Austria, you can find a lot of important monuments (castles, cathedrals, square, sculptures, buildings...). Also, there are a lot of museums about different topics. One of the most important things in Austria is the passion for the music, you can find a lot of operas and things about Mozart and other important musicians. One different thing is the time because they start the day before and they finish before too (the shops close much earlier than in Spain). 

Review of the stay abroad in social terms

I have met new and really nice people, together we have shared a lot of moments, opinions, new ideas which have helped me to grow as a person.

The international office and the buddies have prepared a lot of activities like, welcome day, cinema, international dinner, trips... These activities were really good to spend a very nice time and to meet the other Erasmus students. We have become very good friends.

Welcome day (Image: Marlene Grabner)

Welcome day (Image Marlene Grabner)

Moreover, I live in a residence (OEAD - Steyrergasse) with other 3 girls. In our case, we have had our own room and we have shared the kitchen and the bathroom like a flat. It's a really nice place, maybe a little bit far away from my university but near to the centre of the city. My flatmates have been really nice and we have spent a lot of time together. 

Residence (Image Alba Serra Ginestà)

Also, I have travelled a lot alone, with my flatmates or with my friends and I visited really nice places like, Wien, Hallsttat, Budapest, Ljubljana, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Munich... If you like the mountain and nature it's one of the best places because there are a lot of them. And the cities are amazing with lots of awesome monuments and buildings. If you search, you can travel in a cheap way.

Innsbruck (Image Alba Serra Ginestà)   

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