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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 3) 2014/15

Leanne Peeters, Thi Lakin School, Malta, Mobility for internship, KPZ

ESE, European School of English

St Julian's, Malta

+356 2137 3789

contact person: Simon Agius


Thi Lakin School

Head of the school: Tami Mifsud



When we decided to go to Malta for our international minor, the first thing we did was trying to find a primary school where we could do our internship. We soon found out this was difficult, because we had to do it all by mail and internet. We couldn't find primary schools easy at the internet, and the ones we did found didn't response to our e-mails. After that we e-mailed students who also went to Malta for their international minor to ask how they managed to get an internship school at Malta. They gave us the contact information of an english language school at Malta who also can provide workplacements. This school is named ESE, European School of English. We e-mailed them and we immediatly got a response from the contact person of ESE. The ESE took care of everything, including a place for us at a primary school.



Malta is a small island located between Italy and North-Africa. The population is around 450.00 people. Malta is part of the EU. Malta has been ruled by the British. So some things in Malta are the same as in Great Britain, such as the driving at the left side of the road, some drinks and food and English is also an official language in Malta. Most people in Malta can speak english very well. The other official language is Maltese, which is a mix of different languages.

Most of Malta's income depends on tourism. A lot of people come to Malta for their holidays. Partially because of the great weather and climate in Malta. It has a meditarrenean climate with mild winters and warm summers. It's also a great holiday island because of it's recreational areas, architectural and historic monuments and beautiful landscapes and clear sea.



We did an internship at a primary school. The school we were placed was the Thi Lakin School. In Malta there are three types of schoolsystems: the stateschools, the private schools and the church schools. The Thi Lakin School is a private school. I was placed in prep 2, the children in prep two are 6/7 years old. There were 24 children in prep 2.

All of the subjects at the Thi Lakin School were given in English so I was capable to follow all lessons and to give lessons myself, in english. They also had Maltese as a subject, that was the only subject given in Maltese.

The education was very different from what I'm used to in Holland, so I really had to adapt in the beginning. I saw a lot of new things and new impressions but after a while you're getting used to the differences and I was capable of doing my own things like activities and helping the children.

I felt really welcome at the Thi Lakin School. The other teachers and colleagues were very kind and welcoming to us. They were helpful and interested in us.


Review of my stay

I had a great time doing my internship in Malta. The island itself was a beautiful and fun place to stay. The experience I've gained at the Thi Lakin School was nice. And the school for English: ESE was very good. We've met a lot of nice people we had a lot of fun with. Most of the people we met were in the same apartmentbuilding as we were. They also went to the ESE for English classes.

The apartment itself was good. There were a lot of other students so it was fun to meet other people from different countries. We had to share an apartment with three other people. But the apartment was big enough for five people, so this was no problem.

The area where the apartment was located was also very nice. We were located in Sliema, this is a very touristic part of Malta. There were a lot of shops and restaurants in our area. We alse went to other places nearby such as St. Julians which is also a touristic place where there's a lot to do. You can travel very easily around Malta by bus. Because Malta is so small you can see a lot of Malta by going by bus to different places.



Placement fee: 200 euro

Flight: 213 euro

Transfers: 50 euro (transfer from the airport and back and transfers to the ESE)

Tutoring and supporting: 227 euro

Accomodation: 2145 (for 14 weeks)

Food and drinks: 60 euro per week

Bustickets: 1,50 a day


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