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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 3) 2014/15

Dinise Schimmel, Ascham School, Australië, mobility for internship, KPZ

Contact Ascham school.

188 New South Head Rd,

Edgecliff NSW 2027,


Phonenumber: +61 2 8356 7000


We have made contact with the Ascham school by E-mail. (Judith Butcher [jbutcher@ascham.nsw.edu.au]) 


We contected with the school through a E-mail. The Ascham school is looking forward to seeing us. 

Discription of the school

The Ascham school has DALTON education and is only for girls. We will do research about the differences between the education in the Netherlands and Australia. 


We fulled in a document for the visa (http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/417.aspx), The visa cost 400 dollar.

A travel company has arranged our first week in Australia. When we get there we will arrange a place to sleep. 

At school we attended a few classes to brush up our English. (Katholieke PABO Zwolle). 


If you want to know the prices and costs we’ve made, feel free to ask us.  
My email addresses is

This consideration is made because of privacy reasons.


Return ticket Amsterdam-Adelaide.

€ 1200,-

Booked by a travel organization.



 +- €300

Work-holiday visa



Room 1: € 116,70 per week p.p.               (shared room, 3 persons)

Room 2: € 70,00 per week p.p.                 (shared room, 3 persons)

We looked on the internet and found www.furnishedproperty.com We also looked on several sites like www.gumtree.com and www.roommates.com. The second house we stayed in was a recommendation of one of the teachers.

Before we get our own place we stayed in a hostel for a week.

A smart thing to do is ask around, the people are very friendly and will help you!


Train and bus

+- €200 in total. 

We get an opal card from the beginning. It’s a free card and you can add money on it. You have to tap on and off. From Monday it start counting, when you travelled 8 times you can travel the rest of the week for free. Look on tripview (App) how you have to travel.



If you use you’re own sim card, you will make a lot extra costs with you phone. We bought a prepaid card from Telstra, this is an Australian provider. This gave us data and credits, to use internet, sms and made phone calls. You have to ad money at it every month.



We did lots of traveling before the internship, during the holiday and after the internship. We travelled by campervan and a rental car. A good company to hire you’re campervan is: www.totallycampers.nl  This is a Dutch organization. We also traveled by plane, because of the big distances between places.



+- €100

The cheapest supermarket is Aldi! You can also go to the Coles or Wholeworths. 


Astralia is a great country for youre internship! 

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