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Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 3) 2014/15

Yael Hensbergen, Thi Lakin School, Malta. Mobility for internship. KPZ 

ESE, European School of English

St. Julians, Malta. 

Contact person, Simon Agius. 



When we decided to go to Malta for our international minor, the first thing we did was trying to find a primary school where we could do our internship. We soon found out this was difficult, because we had to do it all by mail and internet. We couldn't find primary schools easy at the internet, and the ones we did found didn't response to our e-mails. After that we e-mailed students who also went to Malta for their international minor to ask how they managed to get an internship school at Malta. They gave us the contact information of an english language school at Malta who also can provide workplacements. This school is named ESE, European School of English. We e-mailed them and we immediatly got a response from the contact person of ESE. The ESE took care of everything, including a place for us at a primary school.

Thi Lakin School 

Head of the school: Tami Mifsud

About the internship school

The Thi Lakin school is a private school, but not only for rich people. They have a very old systeem to teach the childeren and pedagogic isn't the best thing of the school. The systems in the classrooms are a little bit strange. The teacher has no controle and most of the time the childeren behave like 'little monsters'. For me, as student, it was a big challenge to give my lessons (activity) in this class, but it was very intructive. 

During my internship i had a very nice relation whit the childeren in my class. I had prep 1 (5-6 years old) a class with 31 childeren and a lot of childeren where there to learn the English language, even me. It was a class whit a lot of different levels. 

The teachers from the Thi Lakin school are very kind for you as student. They are very interesting in you and they will help you with everything. For the childeren they want to be very strict, but most of the time it doesn't work. Shouting en screaming is normal, but also that doensn't work. 

Review of my stay

My time at Malta was fantastic. I felt very save at (internship)school and also in the place (sliema) where we lived. We lived in Sliema, the place for tourists. There were a lot of restaurants and the shoppingmall was near our appartment. We lives in Lands´end and had to share our appartment with three other boys. Leanne and I slept in the same bedroom. In the appartment are two bathrooms (one for Leanne and me and one for the boys). You have to share the kitchen and the livingroom. 

For our internship we had to go to Attard. A place 30min. from Sliema. Whit a small schoolbus we went to that place. For the English lessons we had to go to St. Julian. In St. Julians was the ESE (European School of Englisch), this place was also a place for the tourist. 


Placement fee : 200 euro

Flight: 213 euro

Transfers: 50 euro ( from the airport to the appartment and back and for the bus to the ESE)

Tutoring and supporting: 227 euro

Accomodation: 2145 euro (14 weeks)

Food and drinks: 60 euro for one week

Bustickets: 1,50 for one day. 


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