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Peter Pfeifer, Latvijas Universitate Riga, Faculty of Education, Psychologie and Art

University of Education, Psychologie and Art


Address: Jūrmalas avenue 76, Rīga, LV - 1083
Phone: +371 67034000
Dean: prof. Andris Grīnfelds
E-mail: ppf@lu.lv 
Home page: www.ppf.lu.lv


The main building of the university is in the city centre of Riga. It is an old and beautiful building. Unfortunately I had no courses there. Almost all my courses were at the Faculty of Education. It was outside of the center about 30 minutes by bus. It is also a very old building but not as beautiful as the main building. As it was outside of the centre I didn't like to go to this faculty as it was always a long journey with the bus.  Furthermore I had two sports courses (basketball and volleyball) in a gym which belonged to a hospital. It was very hard for me to find this gym as nobody there was speaking English. 

My courses:

Latvian Language for Beginners

Practical English for Teachers 2

Written English in Education Research

Lexico- stylistic interpretation of English Texts for Teachers

Basketball Teaching Methodology (Practical course)

Volleyball and Floorball (Practical course)

Teaching practice 4


Latvian Language for Beginners

As I had no previous knowledge of Latvian language, this was a course for real beginners. I liked it very much as it helped me a lot in my everyday life in Riga. At the end of the course I was able to talk a little bit with the locals.


Practical English for Teachers 2

Practical English for Teachers is  a synonym for grammar. It was all about grammar. During the last lesson we had a big exam. I had to learn pretty much for it. 

Written English in Education Research

We analyzed texts and had to write some on our own. 

"Basketball Teaching Methodology" and "Volleyball and Floorball"

Those were subjects which I really liked. As Latvians are really good in playing basketball and volleyball, there were some really good players. They showed us a lot how we could teach those sports during the Physical Education lessons. A big problem was that none of the teachers were able to speak English. So everytime the teacher said something in Latvian, our colleagues had to translate for the Erasmus students.

Teaching Practice 4

 For me, this was the most interesting subject during my Erasmus stay. I was in "Skola 49", which was a new middle school in the centre of Riga. The learners there were so nice and friendly. During my time there I had the chance to teach the pupils in Physical Education as well as in English. During the Physical Education lessons, the learners loved it to play football.  During the English lessons, the learners loved it when I told them things about Austria. To sum up, it was a great experience to teach in this school. 

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