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Peter Pfeifer, Latvijas Universitate Riga, Faculty of Education, Psychologie and Art


As I was very late with my application, I had not much time to look up for an accommodation in Riga. All the dormitories were already full, so my colleague and I decided to rent a flat. With hindsight not a bad decision, as the dormitories were pretty far away from the city centre. 

Our flat was very close to the city centre, in the so called "Hipster part" of Riga. It was a nice and cozy flat just 5 minutes by tram to "Old Town", the historical part of Riga which is very crowded all of the year due to the tourists. The prices for accommodation in Riga are a little bit cheaper than in Austria. As the different faculties of Latvijas Universitate are far away from each other, our way to some lectures just took us 5 minutes but to other lectures more than 45 minutes. 

I would say that our flat was in a very good location for us as it was very lively area there. 

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