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Peter Pfeifer, Latvijas Universitate Riga, Faculty of Education, Psychologie and Art

Registration and Departure


As I was not really sure if I should spend a semester abroad, I was very late with my application. When I heard that there is the chance to go to Latvia, a country which I am very interested to, I decided to take this chance. Although I was almost to late for my registration, both universities (especially Mr. Vogl from the PHST as well as Mrs. Pole from the LU) supported me while doing all steps for my registration.  

I was very happy when I became the commitment for studying in Riga a few weeks before my departure. On the 7th of February 2016 the start of five wonderful months has come. I started my journey with a colleague of mine. We took a flight from Vienna to Riga. As we had a layover in Helsinki, the ticket was pretty cheap. Two ways for just 150 €. The bad thing was that the flight from Helsinki to Riga had a delay of almost 5 hours due to the bad weather. 

Finally landed in Riga, I called the renter of our flat. Although it was already in the early morning hours, he was very friendly and brought us to our flat. 

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