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Anton Maderbacher, Latvijas Universitate Riga, Faculty of Education, Psychologie and Art



School 49

Krisjana Valdemara 65

Mentor: Dace Germane

Subject: german and sport

Mentor and school

The teaching practise in this school was an amazing experience. It`s a very high rated institution with strict rules for the kids. I think this is probably the main reason why there are nearly no conflicts between pupils and teachers. It`s a really good place to teach.

The most interesting thing, is that there are still influences of the practices from the UDSSR time. For example: When there is a brake between the lessons, the pupils are not allowed to stand still, so they are going the whole time of the brake in a circle.

With my mentor Dace, I found a really good friend in the school. She helped me everywhere and accepted me fully as a colleague. She gaves me one or two topics and trusted me that I will make everything fine, what I did.



Main differences to austria

Like I mentioned before, the main difference is disciplin. Teacher in latvia are respected persons, I don`t have this feeling everytime in austria. A negative thing was, that the whole school had only one beamer, so modern teaching methods were nearly impossible.

Nevertheless I already miss everything in this school!

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